Bill gates in the 23rd again topped the ranking of the richest Americans

Билл Гейтс в 23-й раз возглавил рейтинг самых богатых американцев

Forbes magazine continues to “knock out” end of the year and publishes a new ranking of the famous personalities who have distinguished themselves from the other big financial jobs.

No matter how hard entrepreneurs, inventors, and other figures, to evade the founder of Corporation Microsoft , it is not possible.

Bill gates once again became the leader of the ranking of the 400 richest people in the United States. And he did it 23 times in a row. The publication reports that to date, the state of the 60-year-old entrepreneur is equal to 81 billion dollars.

Second place in the ranking went to the head — 52-year-old Jeff Bezos. During the year its capital was increased by $ 20 billion and now stands at 67 billion.

Third place in the ranking boasts 86-year-old CEO of BerkshireHathaway Warren Buffett. Its condition Forbes estimated at 65.5 billion.

There was a place in the top five and the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. In his accounts is the sum of 55.5 billion dollars.

The youngest in the ranking was 26-year-old founder of Snapchat and fiancé Miranda Kerr Evan Spiegel. However, his earnings ($2.1 billion) was not even close with the leaders.

The elderly in the ranking is the representative of the Rockefeller dynasty, David Rockefeller, who is currently 101 years old.