After the divorce, brad pitt will live in Croatia

После развода Брэд Питт будет жить в Хорватии
The most beautiful couple of Hollywood is unable to cope with the crisis in the relationship.

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

Photo: Legion-media

Foreign media once again “throw” angelina Jolie and brad pitt. Says the Inquisitr, both husband and wife have consulted with their lawyers in divorce and intend soon to leave. Moreover, there is information that pitt is not just a means to end her relationship with Jolie, but also to move after a divorce to live in Europe.

According to the tabloid, the quarrel of the star couple before the second wedding anniversary has not gone unnoticed. The couple casually mentioned a personal holiday apart. Jolie waited for this day, pitt spend with the family. However, a few days before the “day x” between them once again ran a black cat”, and now brad are off and running with his friends in Croatia, where he spent several days. Angelina stayed home with the kids.

Incidentally, according to the National Enquirer, pitt traveled to Europe, and to look for new housing. Moreover, in the apartment, you chose a Hollywood actor, can not fit all of his extended family. From what the tabloids concluded that the new property will “cover” brad after a loud divorce and division of jointly acquired $ 400 million.

By the way, pitt not so long ago, indirectly confirmed his intention to run away to Croatia. The fact that the actor was tired from working in Hollywood and has long been dreaming about a career in architecture. It turned out to be a long time considering to engage in the construction of hotels on the beautiful coast of Croatia for sure will not be superfluous.

However, to count how many times the press has “bred” a Hollywood couple, not enough fingers of both hands. However, to ignore the fact that last year the marriage of brad and Jolie, considering all the information in the media, was not the most successful, though not easy.