Отучившись в Женеве, сын Валерии отрывается в клубах

21-year-old Artem is planning to stay in Moscow and build your business.

Tom, unlike the sisters, following in the footsteps of star mum chose a profession is not creative. The guy studied in Geneva at two faculties – the programming and Finance, I decided to apply in Moscow. The plans for Shulgin to find a good job, and then create their own business.

But seem to star the heir decided to take a short break. And have a good rest in the summer. Artem shared with subscribers in Instagram photos from a fashionable Moscow restaurants.

“How’s the view?” – asked Artem to the online community, put up a card from the bar, which offers a beautiful view on Moscow.

A few days earlier shared equally fascinating view from the restaurant on the 62nd floor of the Federation tower.

In addition, guy secular party of attention, and not to deprive. Recently, he appeared with his parents and sister on the red carpet MUZ-TV.

But the work plans Shulgin has not yet reported, therefore it is unknown whether they’ve found the guy for the job, which is so долг0 dreamed of…

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