Рэпер Серега выложил видео из постели с блондинкой

Singer of the hit “Black Boomer” presented video for the song “Just sex”.

It seems that soon you will not have to rent space and fly over the ocean to make a video…

So the rapper Serega, by the “Black Boomer”, I decided not to bother. And got a new clip in the bedroom, or rather, in his bed.

The new clip became the video for the song “Just sex”. The first clip saw members Parkhomenko… the Rapper has already published an excerpt on his page.

In the video he lies on the bed completely naked. However, the most interesting part of the body thrown a blanket… And next to him – the blonde in lace lingerie.

Not surprisingly, such a juicy video praised the fans. The video in the first day received several thousand likes.

However, some decided that Sergey undressed for a reason. And so to say, for advertising purposes… Because the rapper is now actively promoting its own system of weight loss. And promises to transform the bodies of all those wishing for 99 hours of sports. Individual training program, body massage, daily delivery of the daily diet and, of course, sessions with a trainer should help everyone to be transformed in the same way as happened with the earrings.

One of the star clients of the rapper, by the way, is the singer Valeria. She has repeatedly boasted in his own work with individual trenerem singer.

Video published polygraph ШарикOFF (@poligrafofficial) Jun 2016 1 18:56 PDT

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