Равшана Куркова и Артем Ткаченко снова вместе
The actors played a married couple.

Равшана Куркова и Артем Ткаченко снова вместе

Artem Tkachenko and ravshana Kurkova

Photo: @rav_shana (Instagram Ravshan Kursovoy)

Ravshana Kurkova and Artem Tkachev back together, so far
only on the set of the new family Comedy “something’s wrong with
parents.” The former couple played a married couple who is on the verge
divorce. It is noteworthy that in real life they broke up 8 years ago, but
friends remain to this day. Judging by the photos from the set, between
actors reigns idyll.

Равшана Куркова и Артем Ткаченко снова вместе

Ravshan and Tom on the set

Photo: @rav_shana (Instagram Ravshan Kursovoy)

But it is unlikely on-screen romance will resurrect the past
love. Now in my personal life Artem, everything is fine. Just a week
ago, during the contest “Kinotavr”, it became known that Tkachev and his bride,
actress Ekaterina Steblina were expecting. The pregnancy is still small,
so the lovers arrived on the black sea coast, to get together on
star track’s most prestigious film festival in the country. Guests
“Kinotavr” said,
what a touching concern for 34-year-old Tkachenko takes care of her feet.
Immediately after arrival, they Catherine took a walk by the sea. Their romance
it became known a few months ago, and in early may for the first time lovers
appeared as a couple at the festival “Movement” in Omsk.

But in his personal life Ravshan yet calm. About
a month ago she broke up with a famous movie producer Ilya state planning Committee Bachurin. “As
all the people leave, and we explained Kurkova. I have now nothing bad
I can not say, Ilya is very dear to me man.”

Ilya and Ravshan

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The reasons for the separation of the stellar pair is still nothing
you know: he decided to confirm the fact, but still did not consider
the right to share with extraneous details.

At the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi, where he had been and Tkachenko, Kurkova and Ilya Bachurin came alone. Which, however, did not last long… the Reason
for sensation became evening, when at the premiere of Kirill Serebrennikov
“Student” Ilya appeared
on the red carpet at the Winter theatre, accompanied by beautiful ladies. Bachurin has submitted 7days.ru his companion. Her name is Adele,
she is a singer. Many have noted the similarity new lover Ilya RAVENOL Kursovoy…

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