After Jolie to become the Director decided and Stuart

Вслед за Джоли стать режиссером решила и Стюарт

The star of twilight has matured to the point to stand on the other side of the camera.

Since the release of the latest part of the popular epic about vampires it’s been 3 years. But a high-profile role, which would be eclipsed by Bella, Kristen Stewart did not happen.

It seems the relay could pick up Snow white from a new franchise, but after a scandalous kiss with a married Director of the film (which, by the way, the cheater was never able to forgive her partner in “Twilight” and at that time still boyfriend Robert Pattinson), actress ignominiously dropped out of the project…

And so Kristen decided to try his luck on the other side of the camera, obviously inspired by the recent success of Angelina Jolie with “Cote d’azur” (read more here).

As informs “bi-Bi-si”, Stuart will take part in the ambitious project of publication Refinery 29 – kinoistoriya, over which will run a team of women Directors and screenwriters. Kristen in addition to the Director’s chair trying on her colleagues Chloe sevigny and Gaboury Sidibe.

About the short film, which will shoot Kristen, yet little is known. Reported only that called her film debut “Water”, and he tells about women’s power (already is something to think about, right?)

In fairness it should be noted that in directing Stewart not so newbie. She recently shot a video for the band Sage + The Saints. With its soloist sage Galesi actress has long-standing friendship.

By the way, recall that the colleague Kristen on the twilight Saga Robert Pattinson is also trying hand in new fields. However, he went further and decided to create her own clothing line. And whose experiences will be more successful, him or Kristen, time will tell.

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