A friend gave birth to Eddie Murphy’s ninth child

Подруга родила Эдди Мерфи девятого ребенка
The actor became the champion of Hollywood.

Eddie Murphy and Paige butcher

Photo: Fotodom.ru

As it became known, the girlfriend of Eddie Murphy, Paige butcher
happy actor’s ninth child. 36-year-old beauty gave birth to eddy’s daughter.
The baby was quite large and quite healthy. At birth she weighed 3
kilograms 600 grams with the growth of 49.5 cm. The happy parents gave the girl a resounding and rather unusual name Izzy Oona.

About pregnancy of the girlfriend of Eddie reported back in November
last year, and about a month ago, the actor shared with his fans
the news that his beloved is waiting for the girl.

Murphy has already become the father of many children. Only one ex-wife
actor — Nicole, with whom he lived for 13
years, gave him six children: Bria, Myles, Cheyenne, Zola and Bella. Besides,
Eddie had also two illegitimate child. When the actor was still very young, his
girlfriend Tamara hood bore him a son, Eric. But after Murphy broke up
with his wife, former spice girl Mel b (Melanie brown) said that waiting too
his child. However, Eddie quite for a long time refused to recognize his child —
daughter angel. So Mel b had to apply for the actor to court and make him
to undergo a paternity test. Subsequently, however, the actor admitted that was wrong
and make up with Melanie.

In the end, to date, Murphy boasts
a “kindergarten group”, consisting of 9 children born to four different
women. That is, he managed to surpass the previous record Mel Gibson,
which “only” eight children: seven by his ex-wife Robyn and one daughter
from Oksana Grigorieva. However, nothing prevents the Gibson, which is constantly
see in the company of young beauties, to get even a couple of offspring and again
become a “champion” of Hollywood.

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