После серии скандалов Федор Смолов может лишиться работы Fedor Smolov, who was unable to show his full potential at the world Cup in 2018, can now leave the football club “Krasnodar”. At least in the Network appeared rumors that the Board of Directors is ready to sell the player for 10 million euros.
После серии скандалов Федор Смолов может лишиться работы

Hardly a couple of months ago, the 28-year-old Fedor Smolov could imagine what a wave of negativity, it will fall. After not scoring a penalty kick in the match against Croatia, the football player from the home team’s hopes suddenly turned into an anti-hero.

Fyodor tried not to pay attention to the situation, and so he went to heal the wounds at one of the resorts of Saint-Tropez.

Recently it became known that the fault of the athlete in Krasnodar had a serious accident, which resulted in the Smolov broke his expensive foreign car.

Amid all these scandals are increasingly began to appear rumors that the football club “Krasnodar” Fedor won’t be long. His contract with the team expires next year, and as it became known to some media, the Board of Directors does not intend to renew it.

После серии скандалов Федор Смолов может лишиться работы

It is likely that Smolov will leave the team already in this transfer window, that is, it can happen to 1 September 2018. At least now FC “Krasnodar” listens to offers from potential buyers, and it is a sum of above 10 million euros.

Recall that Fedor Smolov plays for Kuban team in 2015. During the time spent at the club he has become a local leader and get the captain’s armband. However, even this, apparently, was not argument for a Board of Directors, are confident that the athlete has lost its former shape.

By the way, the rumors about the departure of Feodor from “Krasnodar” have been circulating for months. In early summer it was rumored that the player can go in the “locomotive”, and then there was information that interested European clubs.

Anyway, the new season of the Premier League Smolov played for FC Krasnodar, and even managed to score a goal in gate “the ruby”.

Fans concerned due to the uncertain future of Fedor in the sport. Anyway, the customers, the captain of “Krasnodar” must exist, because it is still considered one of the most successful Russian players of the modern generation.

While “Sport-Express” doesn’t tell you which clubs have shown interest in the striker. However, his contract with “Krasnodar” ends next year, and so will soon Fedor will need to pack your bags.