Леди Гага пришла в ужас от самоубийства Зомби боя 32-year-old Rick Genest, better known as “Zombie Boy”, has committed suicide four days before his birthday. The model had problems with the psyche. Lady Gaga, who worked with him, expressed his condolences.
Леди Гага пришла в ужас от самоубийства Зомби боя

Rick Genest, or as many called it because of the numerous tattoos on the body, “Zombie boy”, has become internationally popular in 2011, starring in Lady Gaga for the song “Born this way”. The first of August “Zombie boy” was found dead at his home in Montreal. Rick chose to leave life on their own.

It is known that this contributed to existing problems of the psychological plan. Before you commit suicide, Genest left in the “instagrame” mystical, according to his fans, the message. In it, he mentioned the essence of religion, the voodoo Damballa, which is revered as the Creator of all living things. Many have suggested that, so Rick said goodbye to this world. On the death of the model of Lady Gaga has expressed condolences.

“Suicide Rick Genesta beyond horrible. We have to work hard to change our culture and remove the stigma, we are not talking about mental health and can not bring it to the fore,” wrote the singer on Twitter.
Леди Гага пришла в ужас от самоубийства Зомби боя

The star noted that this sad example should serve as a lesson for many. According to her, people should work on themselves, to refer to specialists, if you have noticed that something was wrong. “Seek help if you suffer from pain, and if you know someone who suffers, give him a hand…” — said the singer. Also Lady Gaga has announced an event called Born This Way Foundation, which helps people with psychological problems. In one of them she intends to participate.

First tattoo on the body Genesta appeared after he had undergone surgery for removal of a brain tumor at 16 years of age. Each year drawings on Rick’s body became more and more, for 20 years they covered about 90 percent of his body. The name Genesta was in the Guinness Book of records as the person with the largest number of images of insects and bones in the body. After Rick starred in the video for Lady Gaga, him, as from a cornucopia began to pour in suggestions from representatives of the fashion world and film industry.

Lady Gaga has canceled performances due to a serious illness