Федор Бондарчук купил квартиру в центре Москвы The Director decided to move in cosy accommodation, which is located in Bryusov lane. Fedor Bondarchuk chose an apartment not far from the Kremlin, which is now being renovated. Apparently, there he settled with his bride Paulina Andreeva.
Федор Бондарчук купил квартиру в центре Москвы

The famous Director and actor Fyodor Bondarchuk is one of the most successful filmmakers of our country. Apparently, it can afford to make major purchases, and therefore he decided to invest in real estate. It turned out that Bondarchuk became the owner of elite apartments in the center of Moscow, near red square. Now he is busy repairing new housing larger than one hundred square meters. According to realtors, Fedor to invest money, because a couple of years ago such a property could cost him a few tens of millions more.

“A square meter of housing in this level is from 400 thousand roubles to one million, according to the realtors. This apartment, like Fyodor Bondarchuk, is about 80-90 million rubles, depending on the state,” — told the experts.
Федор Бондарчук купил квартиру в центре Москвы

Luxury housing Bondarchuk is located in Bryusov lane, in the legendary house, which was built in 1928 by architect A. Susov. Housing intended for the actors of the Moscow academic art theatre. Over time, the apartment was served by several famous artists — indeed, despite the great location in the centre of town, the yard is quiet and cozy.

It is likely that soon the Director moving into a new apartment with his fiancee Paulina Andreeva. While the couple has not issued a formal relationship, despite the fact that their romance lasts for more than two years. As it turned out, Fedor and Svetlana are still not divorced — according to the documents, they are still considered spouses, though, and announced their breakup. The fact that they have to divide marital property and business.

“Theirs is a spacious apartment on Mosfilmovskaya street, — told “StarHit” surrounded by a broken home. Plus the heritage from his father he inherited the house on Rublevsky highway, lives there now son, Sergei with his wife and two daughters. Svetlana prefers not to go there, where before was host for a meeting with her granddaughter chooses neutral territory. After the breakup, she moved from the suburbs to “reserve” an apartment on the Patriarchal ponds, covering an area of about three hundred square meters. Also, it owns thirty-one percent of the capital’s restaurants Fedi”.

Soon Bondarchuk will begin to live in a new apartment with neighbors the famous ballerina Ilze Liepa and artist Nikas Safronov. However, they have not yet met the Director and his chosen one in the house. “If Fedor is really moving to us, I’ll be glad. We have very good neighbours – I think he’s a perfect fit with our company,” Nikas said in an interview with “Interlocutor”.