Administrator “groups of death” repented in bringing Teens to suicide

Администратор «групп смерти» раскаялся в доведении подростков до суицида 21-year-old unemployed from Solnechnogorsk, which is widely known on the Internet under the pseudonym Philip Fox, go to a colony-settlement for several years. According to media reports, the involvement of the young person for inducing a minor to commit suicide could prove it.
Администратор «групп смерти» раскаялся в доведении подростков до суицида

Journalists report that the Tobolsk district court sentenced 21-year-old administrator’s “group of death” in social network “Vkontakte” Philip Budykina to three years and four months in prison.

As it became known to correspondents, the young man who led the community under the alias Fox, admitted his guilt and repented of his actions.

“In the course of the trial failed to prove the guilt and the involvement of the young person to the two episodes in which he persuaded adolescent girls to suicidal thoughts,” – said the Deputy judge Elvira Yakubova.
Администратор «групп смерти» раскаялся в доведении подростков до суицида

Earlier in an interview with media representatives Bodaken said he does not fear jail time. The young man also assured reporters that he had a difficult childhood. According to Philip, his mother was allegedly beaten older brother. As stated by Fox, this could have a strong influence on him. In addition, the administrator of the “group of death” claimed that he suffers from bipolar disorder, but assigned a psychiatric examination found Budykina sane.

Let us add that the young man was arrested in November last year. Philip Fox was accused of inciting teenagers to commit suicide.

According to investigators, in April-may 2016 Bodaken was engaged in propaganda of suicide among minors in the social network “Vkontakte”. Among the victims of Philip was 15-year-old resident of Astrakhan, but the law enforcement officers managed to persuade it to abandon its intentions. In addition, according to SK, the young man was driven to a suicide attempt the girl born in 2000 who tried to kill herself in the Tyumen region. But doctors managed to save the teenager.

We will remind also that in February of this year, the Network appeared information about the game called “Blue whale”. It was claimed that her “supervisors”, hiding behind anonymous pages, giving to an underage social media users a different kind of challenge – to climb onto the roof, cut hands, run in front of the car or kill yourself. At the last stage, as reported by the media, teenagers were intimidated and threatened with punishment over relatives.

Parents are excited about the warnings about the mass suicides of teenagers

Publication of “Blue whale”, as “groups of death”, caused a great public resonance. Since June of this year in Russia the law on criminal responsibility for the creation of a “suicidal” communities in social networks.

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