Sobchak called the fees Baskov and Meladze for the wedding of the daughter of the “gold” judges

Собчак назвала гонорары Баскова и Меладзе за свадьбу дочери «золотой» судьи A few days ago, the Network began to actively discuss the celebration, which were the stars of domestic stage. The Chairman of the administrative Board of the Krasnodar regional court Elena Khakhaleva threw a celebration for the heiress, the cost of which amounted to millions of rubles. This event has raised many questions to the woman about her income.
Собчак назвала гонорары Баскова и Меладзе за свадьбу дочери «золотой» судьи

A few days in the Network actively discussing the wedding of the daughter of a judge from the Krasnodar region Elena Kahalewai. It was said that at the celebration for the heiress Sofia she pulled several million rubles. Itself the representative of the authorities noted that the festival paid her ex-husband Robert, who is a successful businessman.

At the wedding were made by Nikolay Baskov, Valeriy Meladze, Vera Brezhnev, Soso Pavliashvili and Joseph Kobzon. Star hastened to explain to reporters that did not take money from the bride’s parents. Valery Meladze said that the girl’s father – his distant relative, Nikolai Baskov said that his “gift” to the newlyweds. In a scandal with the daughter’s wedding Krasnodar judge intervened Valery Meladze

Ksenia Sobchak, which often works leading up to the wedding, rushed to comment on the situation and declassified fees to colleagues for similar events.

“The first sign that people in the country are accustomed to post-crisis, new economic realities of life have a lot to celebrate and to walk! The General trend succumbed and the referee Hahaleva to which “purely friendship” for 100 thousand euros came Nikolai Baskov and for 80 thousand Meladze, 45 thousand euros Vera Brezhnev and 20 thousand Soso. This is public information, any Agency!” – said Xenia.

Subscribers stars began to actively discuss her point of view. Some felt that Sobchak or trying to justify their participation in such events, or jealous colleagues.

“Kseniya has decided to make amends after dancing with Baskov at the wedding of the oligarchs. Become closer to the people, to wag your finger, so to speak, bad corrupt”, “Xenia was upset that not 100 of thousands of dollars “as a friend” invited. So upset that there is so much emotion”, “Clearly you weren’t invited, resentment crept in. Bad judge would be called to preside over the wedding and the money would be clean,” wrote the followers leading.

We will remind, the businessman and ex-husband of judge Robert Hachalav claimed that on the marriage of his daughter had spent about five million rubles. According to the businessman, the dress of the successor he personally bought for 110 thousand.

The reporters found that in different time Robert owned by 13 companies, some of which specialized in agricultural business and construction. Besides, the man often earns at the racetrack. According to some, in 2016, entered the competition with three horses Arabian horses and six horses, thoroughbred, and at the end got more than a hundred thousand.

Journalists managed to find out that the bride, Sophia, studied at Kuban State University. The girl was listed in the Economics and law faculties of the University. According to her classmates, she didn’t interact much.

A few years ago, the groom, Vadim Badalov was senior investigator for investigation of particularly important cases of the regional investigation Department of the RF IC. He was soon promoted to Deputy head of the investigative Department of the TFR in the Gelendzhik. Some time before the wedding Badalov was transferred to Krasnodar. Now the elect is the daughter of Kahalewai holds the post of Deputy head of the investigation Department of the Western district of the regional center.

In addition, the bride’s brother, Chris is a member of the Legislative Assembly of the territory of the last convocation. Previously, he was a member of the Committee on legality, law and order and legal protection of citizens. Man is involved in the formation of the public part of the qualifying Board of judges. His wife Anastasia is the closest relative of Alexander Chernov, the Chairman of the Krasnodar regional court.

Evil tongues say that the Elena Khakhaleva would compromise the people dissatisfied with one of its judgments.