Adelina Sotnikova has changed beyond recognition

Аделина Сотникова изменилась до неузнаваемости
22-year-old skater is going through depression.

Adelina Sotnikova

Photo: Instagram

Sotnikov is considered a workaholic in 2014, she won gold in the women’s
figure skating at the Olympics in Sochi, after that, the athlete
participated in several popular TV shows. And now, suddenly, calm:
on 22-year-old figure skater is almost unheard of. Alas, it became known why. Adelina
admitted to fans that
experiencing depression.

“I hope I will be able to cope
with all that
was happening to me. says Sotnikova. — Thoughts in my head a billion
I was mentally murdered… And whether I do it all? For what? I have as
the verge of collapse, while my head understands that all will be well. In fact, no one
don’t know what’s going on inside me.”

a few days after this sad message, the athlete decided
for a change of image and tried the image of the blonde. “Life decided to throw
I check. I throw her back and take the fight. Well,
life! Are you ready? We’re in the game,” said the girl. Fans
supported the skater and asked if she dyed it, or is it a wig.

thanked everyone for their support: “I am grateful to my fans that you all suffer
and go through it with me! This is very important! I will do everything
possible and impossible, only
to give you joy”.