Названо место проведения свадьбы Памелы Андерсон
The actress is getting married for the fifth time!

Названо место проведения свадьбы Памелы Андерсон

Pamela Anderson


Adil Rami


52-year-old Pamela Anderson will soon become a married
lady. She will become the wife of footballer Adil Rami who plays for
the team of France. As it became known, the actress have already decided on the place where the ceremony: it will take place in the South of France, but not in the nice or
Le Cannet, in a quiet place. Anderson is not going to make a
Grand ceremony, she wants it in a modest, intimate
environment. Star wants to take on only some of the most
close friends and family.

Pamela has managed to meet Adil with
my mom. For this meeting, Anderson and
her fiancé took the trouble to fly in from France, where the actress lives lately
with your loved — California. Paparazzi managed to make the day picture — Ivy restaurant Sunday, located in Beverly hills,
which it is easy to see that Rami got along great with the mother of the actress. All
the company was in the time of a shared meal in an excellent mood.

That Adil
Pamela made a formal proposal became known after Anderson
appeared in public with an impressive diamond ring on the ring
finger. It happened when Pamela came to the stadium to cheer for their favorite — during the semifinal match of the world Cup. Ring
glittering on her finger when she was watching the game from the VIP boxes, it’s just not
could then go unnoticed. And soon one of the friends Actresses
confirmed that Anderson really got engaged to Rami, with whom she
met in the spring of last year.

Recall the marriage of Adil
will be the fifth for Pamela. In the past she has managed to visit married to rocker Tommy Lee,
who became the father of sons of the actress. His lawful wife it was 1995
1998. From 2006 to 2007, Oh Pamela was married with another
musician kid Rock. For producer Rick Solomon she married