Адель попросила фанатов помочь ей избавиться от вредной привычки

Singer Adele though born in a conservative Britain, from bad habits is not saved. The singer of the hit, Hello Smoking, can afford to drink and even swear swear words, if that allows case.

At its recent concert Adele admitted that there is behind it is still a sin that she wants to get rid of.

Funnily enough, Adele is uncomfortable with the fact that she constantly says the word “swear.”

28-year-old Briton said that at one time could say “I swear” more than 30 times.

“I calculated that “swear” about 33 times, ” says Adele. – I’m not a mathematician, I’m not even passed their exams, but it turns out that I say “I swear” every few minutes, right?” — asked the singer from the audience at the Los Angeles Staples Centre.

Also Adele has asked fans to support her morally to the number spoken her vows has been reduced to a minimum.


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