Кейт Мосс заплатит мужу откупные

Soon to become the wife of Nikolai von Bismarck, the famous model Kate moss willing to pay his current wife Jamie Hinsu a lot of money.
The couple no longer live together, but only now, when Kate called again married, their divorce proceedings will finally begin.

47-year-old musician put a lot of effort to return the wife to the right path, but a passion for partying and the alcohol gave them no chance of a long married life. Jamie even adopted thirteen-year-old daughter Kate, Lila grace, but it is not melted her heart. Now the girl has to be a new stepfather – a 29-year-old grandson of Otto von Bismarck.
Moss understands that the chance for a happy marriage might be her last, but it is unlikely that Nicholas would agree to wait a few years. Insiders claim that suddenly he changed his mind bred guitarist Kate was offered a huge sum to not to delay the divorce and did not interfere with her personal happiness. It is unknown whether agree Jamie this step of the wife or shows his integrity.

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