Adam Levine supported ill fan Network

Адам Левин поддержал больного фаната в Сети

Sixteen-year-old will hunt, who suffers from serious heart disease, has become famous all over the world. The teenager sang a song of your favorite singer Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 “She will be loved” to the accompaniment of his father, and warm words popular artist only increased his popularity.
Video performance covers published cousin Willa Wyatt, Macvan at the time as a teenager was in a serious operation. A relative asked for support and prayers, and even could not think that the video is recorded in a hospital room, viewing himself Levin.

“It’s hard to put into words what you feel when you help people this way. I’ll just leave this here. Good job, guy” said Adam, extending the video to your page. Less than half an hour, will’s father reacted to the entry of Levin.
“I can’t breathe. Oh my God. Thank you, I’m your number one fan. It’s Crazy” wrote enthusiastically the father of a sick teenager. Meanwhile, will has regained consciousness after surgery. His condition improved slightly, but he still needs a heart transplant.
“He’s in a good mood, not sad, always happy and smiling. “YYZ” is one of his favorite songs. He began to sing her father picked up, and I recorded on video. They threw the record on Twitter. I knew that the video will appeal to people, but even could not think that so” said about his brother Wyatt.