Anne Hathaway has admitted that getting “Oscar” she felt a terrible sense

Энн Хэтэуэй призналась, что получая «Оскар» она испытывала ужасные чувства

What could be more nice when you are compared to other distinguished by a well executed work? In the world of cinema is a rewarding a variety of statues and awards, among which is the “Oscar”. As a newly admitted Anne Hathaway getting her first “Golden man”, she felt a double sense: she was really happy that her work was appreciated, on the other hand almost burned with shame.

“I have made every effort to pretend to be perfectly happy, because it is assumed that the received “Oscar” should be delighted. And, it seems, I’m very good at faking! But the truth was that everything was just awful. I felt still in the way of my poor heroine, but was dressed for 80 thousand dollars, knowing that many in my entire life, do not earn the same amount. And I was wildly to get the award for the film about the almost unbearable human suffering. I thought I’ll just die of embarrassment. However, this fortunately did not happen!” — says the actress. After receiving his statuette, Hathaway still couldn’t resist not to comment on: “hopefully, the day will come when the suffering of these unfortunate women, as Fantin, can be seen only in the movies, not in real life…”

Recall, his first and so far the only “Oscar” Hathaway received for his part in the film adaptation of the novel by Victor Hugo, “Les Miserables”.

In addition to Ann in the film, starring Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe.