Actor Owen Wilson hard going through the death of his father

Актер Оуэн Уилсон тяжело переживает смерть отца

Friends and family of Hollywood actor Owen Wilson is concerned about his psychological state. He fell into a prolonged depression after the death of his beloved father, Robert “Rob” Wilson, who died in early may. For an actor it was a great tragedy, he grieved the care of a loved one. Surrounding afraid that Owen will bring own life. Moreover, there are all preconditions – one time Wilson tried to kill himself. Then the cause was unrequited love.

Insiders said that Owen Wilson is in a depressed state after the death of his father. He stopped leaving the house, not answering phone calls and abusing alcoholic drinks. On the face of all signs of depression. And it’s not a wonder, because for Owen, his father was the whole world, best friend, support. Losing it, Wilson doesn’t know how to live.
From the date of the death of a loved one actor over a month has passed and he can not recover. Family and friends are very worried about Wilson. They fear that young man to decide to commit suicide. Some offer to go to therapy so that specialist helped bring to life star.
Robert “Rob” Wilson is a famous American television producer, father of Hollywood actors Luke and Owen Wilson died at the age of 75 years. He has long suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. The funeral was attended by both brothers. In front of the coffin of his father Owen uttered a touching farewell speech, in which he called the father, the main inspiration in my life.
Recall that in 2007, Owen Wilson was about to commit suicide because of the gap related