Jada Pinkett-Smith has criticized the film about Tupac

Джада Пинкетт-Смит раскритиковала фильм о Тупаке

Last week saw the premiere of the biographical film about the American Secure the rapper Tupac “2pac: the Legend” (“All Eyez on Me”). Now social networks are the audience discussing the film, many of them blame the creators in the fictional stories, which were not, and therefore, this tape can give a false impression. Jada Pinker Smith, wife of Hollywood actor will Smith, who were childhood friends with Tupac, lashed out at the producers of the film. The woman did not like your own image displayed in the ribbon. According to Jada, the creators have distorted their relationship with Shakur.

“I’ve never been on the show Puck at his request, and we never quarreled behind the scenes.. I didn’t even know that there is his poem until it was published in the book. He never read it to me in real life.. Relationship with puck is very dear to me, and I will not allow someone to discredit them,” wrote jada.
Jada was friends with Tupac still at school. From the 80s until his death, Shakur they were close friends, she inspired him to write poetry. A few poems were published only after his death. Contrary to rumors, between Tupac and Jada never had a romantic relationship.
Despite the claims made by the creators of the film, Pinker-Smith praised the play of actors Katerina Graham and Demetrius Thorn, who recreated on the screen image and the image of Shakur.