Actor Alex Dayneko died from bleeding

Актер Алексей Дайнеко скончался от кровотечения A famous actor died last weekend. Until recently, however, the cause of death has not been established. Alexei Daineko left a wife and little daughter. It was his wife reported the death of the actor.

      Актер Алексей Дайнеко скончался от кровотечения

      The news of the sudden death of the famous actor Andrei Daineko was a shock for all family and fans of the artist. Rumors about what could have caused the death of 47-year-old star of movies and TV series, was quite controversial. And the fact that death is interested in investigative authorities, were made even more confusing in the case.

      The wife of Alexei Daineko said about his death

      However, media reports revealed that the cause of death of a famous actor was gastric bleeding. But what could be the cause of the disease remains unknown.

      As it turned out, Alexei Daineko felt ill the day before. The pain was such that he decided to turn to the experts and call an Ambulance. However, doctors are unable to install the bleeding, and was not offered admission. Shortly before his death, with the actor, there was another mishap he broke his leg, and his body was discovered bruises.

      Актер Алексей Дайнеко скончался от кровотечения

      On the death of a famous actor said his wife Elena Logatskaya. She shared the sad information with friends and acquaintances in the social network.

      “Today was not Alyosha… I don’t want to believe it, I can’t believe it,” wrote the widow Daineko.

      Close couple, and many fans rushed to Express condolences. They have supported the widow and could not believe what happened. Alexei left not only his wife but also a baby daughter, Emmanuelle, Victoria. In the microblog appeared regularly photos of the artist with his wife and baby. Apparently, he loved his family. Also Dayneko closely monitored their health. Alex quite frequently exhibited pictures at the gym.

      Alexey Dayneko was born on 5 June 1970. In 1993, the actor graduated from GITIS, then worked in the Central academic theatre of the Russian army. Alexei Daineko was also the host of “planet of communication” on the TVC channel and TV6.

      The wide audience is the actor remembered for his roles in the popular crime series “Method Laurel — 2”, “Second to…”, “carp”, “Empire under attack”, “Second killer”, “Truckers-3”, “Balzac age, or All men are bast…”. Only Alexei Daineko managed to pull in about thirty films.

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