Новый избранник Анны Песковой ради нее оставил семью The actress appeared on “Kinotavr” in the company, Deputy economic development Minister of Russia Dmitry Pristanskaya. Anne swept with her new chosen one on the boat, and came together with a man for the awards ceremony for a picture with her “Good boy.

      Новый избранник Анны Песковой ради нее оставил семью

      This Monday in Sochi ended with the festival “Kinotavr”. Last night was the awards ceremony the paintings that won in one of the this year’s nominations. The movie “Good boy” featuring Anna Sand won the main prize of the festival. In such an exciting time the actress supported her new partner Dmitry Pristanskov.

      The results of the “Kinotavr-2016”: the best outfits, a new pair and the winners of the festival

      Peskov walked arm in arm with the man on the red carpet and solemnly appeared in the hall of the Winter theatre. Dmitry Pristanskov heads the government and is the Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation. According close to the family of an official of the people, he left about six months ago from his wife Julia Tatar, leaving her with seven year old daughter Sophia. As reported by friends, Dmitry immediately moved in with new girlfriend in her apartment on the Arbat.

      Новый избранник Анны Песковой ради нее оставил семью

      On the sand film festival dubbed Pristanskaya wife, but she only sheepishly smiled. She hinted that the wedding they have only in the future. Lovers made a sea voyage on a yacht along with other participants of the festival, during which hugged and held hands.

      With his wife Julia Tatar, Dmitry had been married for 10 years. The woman is the owner of a network of beauty “Good mood”. The gap with Pristanskiy businesswoman prefers not to advertise. “Dmitry is an adult, he is entitled to do what he wants. As Peskov,” said Julia Life.ru.

      By the way, Dmitry Pristanskov was appointed head of Rosimushchestvo and Deputy Minister of economic development. For the sake of a new post, he resigned from the post of Director of Federal and regional programs in the company “Norilsk Nickel”. In addition, Pristanskov is Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC “Roskino” and is on the Board of Directors of “Lenfilm”. Some time ago, Dmitry was awarded the medal of the order “For merits before Fatherland of II degree”, which was presented to him by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

      We will remind that this year at Kinotavr the audience was surprised by the release of yet another newly formed pair. Fedor Bondarchuk appeared on the red carpet of the film festival with his young fiancee Paulina Andreeva, for whom he left wife Svetlana. Fyodor Bondarchuk has officially unveiled the bride

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