Accidents involving Mack$they took for “divorce”

ДТП с участием Мак$им приняли за "развод"
This morning whole network picked up the news that the singer Maksim, she is Marina Maksimova, got in a terrible accident.

ДТП с участием Мак$им приняли за "развод"

Reported to the General Manager of Margarita Sokolova, which in his microblog wrote that “recently , my student teacher, beloved by many of you is the singer Maksim was involved in a serious road accident on the way to the airport, hurrying for his flight back to Moscow for the filming of the clip “Subscriber not available”.

That is, the accident happened a few days ago, but no one knew. Marina was taken to the hospital in an unknown town and it didn’t even make the news of this settlement? Maybe Marina, and at the time, Alexei Vorobyov, had an accident in the US?

ДТП с участием Мак$им приняли за "развод"

It is surprising that this General Manager was not informed, but did not forget to remind the name of the clip that was in a hurry to remove the singer. As it seems that in this situation it is not so important, but it is noted.

In addition, the appeal of Margarita Sokolova to the people there is a phrase: “Now I can’t get rid of the thought that I personally wrote to you earlier that the clip will be on real events, and that this was not yet anybody – then we waited for the Marina early in the morning on the set, and I could not imagine how things will turn out”.

ДТП с участием Мак$им приняли за "развод"

It turns out that the script of the video based on some accident and suddenly life is all exactly as planned. Coincidence? I don’t think.

Somehow it all smacks of golimy PR new clip. Marina took a break in the work and now have a loud return.

If Mak$them do in the hospital, God give her good health. But if this is another setup, how would those jokes not backfired in life…

See photos of the singer Maksim…

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