Шарлиз Терон рассказала о том, как ее сын Джексон стал девочкой

43-year-old Hollywood actress Charlize Theron has a son and a daughter, seven year old Jackson and two-year August. Son of the actress began to notice women’s clothes, and soon, the star said that she has two daughters. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Charlize spoke about how her son became a girl.

“She looked at me when she was only three years old, and said, “I’m not a boy!” That’s it, now I have two beautiful daughters, whom I will protect, like any normal parent. They were born the way they are, and decide for themselves who they want to be. My duty in this case — only to love them and ensure that they have all been good,” said the actress.

Recall that the actress was talking about her reluctance to be a mother of many children. “I don’t understand parents with many children and long ago decided that this format does not suit me. I do not blame anyone, because they obviously like that kind of family model. But it is certainly not mine.”

Charlize is raising the daughter of Augustus, and son Jackson. The appearance of the kids in the life of the actress has changed her for the better, but the actress admits that there is still work on the character. “With the advent of children I have become more patient, though in General I’m a very emotional person. But I understand that for the kids I have to restrain myself.”

The actress admitted that didn’t understand why there are so many orphans who do not take in families. “Adoption is for me very important topic. I respect this act. I’ve never seen a difference between raising an adopted child and biologically native, so I don’t feel like I missed something in life,” said the actress.

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