Abraham Russo has reconciled with his wife after the scandal

Авраам Руссо помирился с женой после скандала The singer settled the contentious issues in relations with his wife. Abraham Rousseau has received from Merely a second chance. He flew to the United States, where he has scheduled a number of performances. Besides, the artist has the opportunity to spend time with his daughters and wife.
Авраам Руссо помирился с женой после скандала

Last week 48-year-old singer flew to new York to dot all the i’s in relations with his wife Morelos. In the summer they had a conflict that almost led to divorce. Russo a long time I saw my family and even sent his wife to America, a document on the division of joint property. But she refused to sign it.

After a few months of passion between Abraham and Morelos who have been married for more than 12 years and even got married, calmed down. The woman agreed to give her husband a chance to fix it – at least for the kids. In her opinion, love was just confused, became a victim of the situation, which sucked the people close to him.

At the end of the year, the actor admitted “StarHit” that he and his wife sat down at the table and intend to solve all the accumulated differences. After a while they succeeded.

“Now I’m in America, homes – shared the artist with “StarHit”. – Rushed to the family, which is very long. In addition, I have scheduled a few speeches. We could easily communicate with Morelos, constantly talking about what happened between us, I spend all day with my daughters. The eldest, 11-year-old Emanuella, goes to school, sometimes I bring her there, the youngest, 3-year-old Ave Maria, will soon be going to kindergarten, but still small. I hope that the worst is behind us, and we managed to keep the peace. We Moreley a lot together, we’ve got great kids, we are connected and United. God willing, everything will be fine”.

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