Olga Buzova ashamed in front of parents

Ольге Бузовой стыдно перед родителями Popular TV host and successful singer whose songs have beat all the records in the charts, gave a Frank interview to journalists. Olga Buzova admitted that is afraid more than anything, revealed the secret of his disability, and also admitted that he wants to apologize to loved ones.
Ольге Бузовой стыдно перед родителями

Olga Buzova recently celebrated his birthday and presented a new song “One night”. In a few minutes the track took first place in the Russian iTunes. In anticipation of the long-awaited premiere, the star answered some candid questions. Buzova admitted that he saves himself in order to please their loved ones, and also revealed the secret of her success.

Ольге Бузовой стыдно перед родителями“Every day I throw myself a challenge. It spurs me to challenges and conquer new heights. And I advise you to do so. If you are going to sit here and think that it will come, and will remain to sit on the couch,” – said the star.

Not everyone can work the same way as Olga. Colleagues marvel at the ability to work as a TV presenter and an aspiring singer, and her ability to keep everything under control. Buzova manage to combine work in several areas. The star not only starred in the new editions of “House-2” but also writes songs and rehearsing a lot to please fans. Because of such a busy schedule at Buzova not always get to see loved ones. The girl admitted that he reproaches himself for it.

“I would like to apologize to the parents. I would really like to give them more attention and time. So great to just sit with mom by the fireplace and talk or watch a movie with daddy… But, unfortunately, we can communicate only in WhatsApp and by phone, as they live in St. Petersburg, and I usually in Moscow or somewhere on the road. So I’m looking forward to mid Feb when I’m in St. Petersburg with concerts and will be able to see them!” – shared celebrity.

Olga also admitted that she did not have enough time. The star wish the days had more hours. The guide had a lot of plans that it intends to implement. And asked about their fears, Buzova admitted that he is afraid of oblivion, writes Woman.Ru.

Let’s add, that recently released a documentary dedicated to Olga. In the video lasting 17 minutes colleagues the stars talk about her journey to success. Many of them agree that 2017 was the year Buzova. Per day from the date of publication, the video has gained over 450 thousand views on YouTube.

“I always knew that she wants to sing. When a person happens to be a very difficult moment in life, you need to remember about his dream. In order to change something, you need something to apply. (…) It is first and foremost a very fun, positive person. No matter what anyone said, I know this girl for 11 years. She is very kind, open, vulnerable,” said Director of artist Aram Archer in the movie “the Girl of the year”.