About Victor tsoe movie

О Викторе Цое снимут фильм
The plot will be built on the little-known facts from the life of rock legends.

Viktor Tsoi

About the beginning of the film about Victor Tsoy has declared the FILM company HYPE and
producers Ilya Stewart, Mikhail Finogenov and Murad Haussmann. To remove the history
the formation of the iconic musician will be directed by Kirill Serebrennikov.

The casting of the future picture has already begun, but the project has not yet
approved names. According to the script, which was written by Michael and Lily Idowu,
the film is set during the late 70’s-early 80-ies, when
unknown 18-year-old musician Viktor Tsoi is preparing to record your
first album. It will take several years, and
songs from this album of “Aluminum cucumbers,” “the eighth grader”, “you
was a hipster” would be mega-hits, and the contractor will collect stadiums. And
he is the bass guitarist of the band “Ward number 6”, singing in trains and meets
those who are destined to play in his life a decisive role.

According to the creators, the plot will be built on
little-known facts from the life of a rock star, which for over 30 years
still an absolute legend of rock and roll. The film will include songs
Viktor Tsoi and music from Western rock musicians that influenced
the formation of Russian rock. Shooting is scheduled for August 2017.