Video: Alexander Domogarov Jr. has presented his debut film

Видео: Александр Домогаров-младший представил дебютный фильм
Novice Director spoke about the filming of his first short films.

Alexander Domogarov Jr. finished shooting his thesis short film “Suffer the little children” on a story by Stephen king. Currently the actor is finishing his studies at the Higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors (Workshop of Vladimir

“Suffer the little children” is a story about an elderly teacher of elementary school, found that
her students possessed. The woman decided to take a desperate step in the fight against evil,
trying to understand: everything that happens is real, or is she just going crazy.

One of the characters — the doctor of the psychiatric hospital —
was supposed to play Alexander Domogarov. “But my dad didn’t match
graphics, he’s busy starring in a TV project, “Sorge”, and
it was shooting in China, and we could not wait, — has shared with Domogarov Jr. In the end, Dr.
we played my teacher at the theatre school. M. S. Shchepkin, Pavel Kurochkin”.

The actress for the role of the teacher Lyubov Arkadyevna also had to find
replacement. “Initially, we with producer Christine raylan wanted this character
played Ate, Slanko, and we even managed to persuade the ELU Ivanovna, but then she refused, — explains Domogarov Jr. — The situation was saved by Kristina: immediately started looking for other actors,
send me links to their pages. So, I got the photo of Tatiana
Kuznetsova, and I really liked her type. Audiences remember her for the role of Angela
The O. — mother-in-law of ensign Shmatko in the series “Soldiers”. The next day we
Christina was already in the guest of Tatiana E. with the script, and to our
joy, she agreed to play our film. But it was all just
in love. And another of the famous artists we filmed Alexander Ilyin, and he agreed to help aspiring filmmakers for free. It
thank you! And the rest appeared fine young artists. I am very
grateful to our entire team.”