A romantic journey Pogodina and Pimenova has turned into a criminal

Романтическое путешествие Погодиной и Пиманова превратилось в криминальное
Excursion to the castle of the count of Monte Cristo ended car chase.

Olga and her husband Alexey Pimanovym

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Olga Pogodina and Alex Pimanov rarely get to rest is an actress and Director too busy at work to afford for a long time to relax. But recently they managed to make a little road trip to France. Visiting some of the popular areas, the pair arrived in Bandol —
the small harbour town near Marseille. Olga and Alexei wanted to see the real
non-touristy France. One evening Pimanov decided to show his wife the castle of If, and — in all its glory — with night light. They got into the car and drove to Marseille lightly, taking a passport, not
charging the phone, really not even checking filled the car. Thought
that meet for two hours, and ended up stuck for a day! In order to get to the castle I had to drive down the highway. But it turned out that on the track
began road works and all exits on the highway are closed. I had to go back
in Marseille. “But the fact that after midnight, like in the movie “From dusk till
dawn”, the city was completely transformed! — says Olga. — Instead of the normal people on
the streets there are prostitutes, drug dealers and other lumpen
items similar to zombies. And we are on a decent car, expensive watches, I also
in decorations (it’s my weakness
— jewelry). At this point, we have
dead both phone and enable the Navigator to find a bypass road,
it was impossible. Besides out of gas, and where to look for a gas station, we
couldn’t even imagine… what if the road we saw a crowd of people obviously
criminal. Alex said to me: “Sit”. Out of the car and
goes to the punks. Think: well, ACE. First, we Rob, and
then I kill. But Alex is right built with them, and they explained
him where the nearest gas station. We started, but before I could rejoice that all
cost, as some Arabs from this “cute” of the company got in the car and drove off
… Alex, as in the movie, not worse than the real James bond was to zigzag
for some alleys to lose his pursuers. In the end he
did it… the gas station we found, but it did not work! And we decided
spend the night in a nearby hotel, but without passports we were not allowed… Went to
the promenade was closed in the car and spent the night pretending to be rugs…
In the morning the picture around was a completely different, idyllic turquoise sea,
birds, sun, go beautiful people, in a haze looming Chateau d’if. I turn
head and ask Alexei: “Well, it’s time to watch the castle?” And Alex,
a scholar, an aesthete, a lover of the history of France, says: “fuck him in the ass, this
the castle!” As a result, the last drop of gasoline we got to the gas station. To
this time the exits of the motorway opened, and we returned safely to
a hotel in Bandol. Night epic so impressed with Alex that he is very
active on vacation people said: “All the nose is not visovivat for territory
the hotel sit on the beach and swim in the sea.”

Now Alex and Olga I remember this story
smile but understand how lucky they are! Full interview with Alexey Pimanovym and Olga Pogodina read here>>