Prince Harry and Meghan Markle flew to Jamaica for a wedding

Принц Гарри и Меган Маркл улетели на Ямайку на свадьбу
Megan returned to the place where got married the first time.

Принц Гарри и Меган Маркл улетели на Ямайку на свадьбу

Prince Harry


As it became
you know, Prince Harry decided on a serious step. He decided for the first time
officially to appear in public with his beloved Megan Markle. Harry and his beloved went to Jamaica to make
participation in the wedding of his close friend — Tom Inskeep, an event which will gather
a lot of guests from high society in Britain. This was reported online edition of

Prince and Tom
did — they studied together at Eton. And since then supported
constant contact. Tom, the son of Owen Inskip,
one of the courtiers, once assigned father Harry, Prince Charles, has always been
one of the main ringleaders in the company of a younger brother of William. He participated
in the most scandalous entertainments, which in his early youth became famous, Harry. Tom
was with the Prince that night, when he played a game of pool “on the strip”
Las Vegas. Participated Inskeep and the party in Croatia in 2011, when the order
tipsy guests, including Harry, jumped clothed into the pool. Yes, and That had
not just “different” — for example, a ride behind the wheel of a convertible on one of the
American highways completely naked…

However, all these are already past. Now That finally grew up and decided to settle down. He decided to connect his
fate with a serious girl — Laura Hughes-young, daughter of Lord St Helens, which became a literary agent. As for Harry, he reportedly
allotted for the upcoming marriage important
the role of the best man.

For guests
the wedding of Tom and Laura booked a luxury hotel along with the nearby
cottage village luxury, built for the visiting celebrities. In one
of these cottages and stops Harry with his beloved. Incidentally, Megan
Markle last been to Jamaica. Ironically, it is here she came
married to their ex-spouse Trevor Egilson, whom he had met before the wedding
as much as 7 years. Alas, the marriage to Megan was short-lived — she and Trevor are divorced
just 2 years after the wedding. Let’s hope that her relationship with the Prince
Harry will develop more successfully.