A resident of Novosibirsk married an Italian cheesemaker

Жительница Новосибирска вышла замуж за итальянского сыровара All change for the better: if a couple of years ago against Russia had not imposed sanctions, Tatiana Vydysh, perhaps because he had lived in Novosibirsk. And her husband was looking for love around the world. The couple met at work.
Жительница Новосибирска вышла замуж за итальянского сыровара

The store owner decided to open cheese production. For staff training and master-classes in January 2016, invited the cheesemaker 36 – year-old Marco. from the Italian city of castaño Le delle lanze. 28-year-old Tatiana eighth month worked in the PR Department of the store and helped to organize the visit. The event came dozens of people, mostly women, who, with bated breath, looked at the alien, his dark skin, dark beard, eyes pistachio-chocolate brown, long eyelashes. With Tatiana, he met a look only at the output. “It was with the hostess and waved. I blurted out in English: “See you later” – says the heroine. And then Marco turned around and was invited to tomorrow’s master class. It was organized by another PR-Manager, so I work going. But he insisted to come as a guest”.

From Russia with love

Tanya was free, but did not think to associate with a foreigner. Marco also did not seek to find a wife in Russia. The evening of the same day she put a couple of likes under a photo of the Italian on Instagram, in response, I received a series of hearts, so started a correspondence until four in the morning. Spoke English, to help the Siberian came Yandex-translator. In the end, we agreed to coffee.

To meet Tatiana picked… friend. Girls car pulled up to the house, which at the time of the visit, the foreigner took it. Italian vending kissed the blonde on both cheeks. The three of them looked at the sights, had lunch. Returning home, Tanya received a text message: “Unable to invite you to dinner tomorrow? Together!”

In the restaurant there was not a single visitor. Talked easily, but she was sure their relationship will be short-lived. When the girl brought the Italian to home, he didn’t want to leave and long to get out of the car. Tanya convinced Marco that they can continue the dialogue online. Goodbye cheesemaker gave handmade chocolates and armband-wristband colors of the Italian flag, which was removed with his hands. And flew…

“Thus began our period of life in the Network – continues Tanya. We shared everything that happened from morning till night. And on my birthday in April, he bought the tickets, and on the 18th I flew for the first time to him.”
Жительница Новосибирска вышла замуж за итальянского сыровара

Tatiana was waiting for a family lunch in Turin, in the house of the parents of Marco. Russian girl they liked, they accepted her as his daughter. Then the Italian took Tanya on the Ligurian sea, to a game of his favorite football club Juventus, have shown small towns. And, of course, syrovary the lab, he opened it eight years ago in Costigliole d’asti and was named in honor of his grandfather, Pepe 1924.

“Marco is a chef, 11 years as a chef in restaurants in Italy, Germany, England. Tired of the bustle returned in Castagnole delle lanze – where his aunt is a two-storey building, half of which with a private entrance they kindly allocated a nephew. First six months he studied at the courses cheesemaking, practice went and opened the case. Now to the store when the lab comes a lot of tourists, the dairy became a landmark and pride of the city.”

Under the crown

Жительница Новосибирска вышла замуж за итальянского сыровара

The vacation was unforgettable. One day, returning after work, the Italian admitted: “I Want every day to come home and see you.” Together they began to think what to do. Tanya was able to obtain a visa for a maximum of 90 days.

This is enough to try to live together, to understand many things about each other in everyday life. Tatiana returned home, quit his job, Packed his bags and flew to Italy. “The most worried mom, – says the heroine. – I thought that Marco will take me to Africa and sell. Just kidding, of course, not so much. I went back to the beloved at the beginning of the summer season, we worked a lot together: the show “mozzarella al momento” is very popular. At events he was preparing the cheese and I served it to guests, smiling. In cheese I usually do not come in those days, when Marco was at work, I walked around the city, went to markets, we cooked, we tidied up the house. By nature I am calm, he is madly in love. He’s reasonable and fair. Both love to joke. And if there are any questions, try to talk about it immediately. While thus decided small household situation – after all, we have a different mentality. Marco never bothered my height is 180 cm, he doesn’t even mind if I wear 12-inch heels”.

So, three months later, the Italian made an offer. In the evening, before bed, went into the bedroom with a candle and said, “I Want you back here with me to Italy and never left,” and pulled out the ring. Tatiana said Yes.

“In September I flew to Russia, – says the Siberian. It was necessary to gather information paper for registration of marriage and residence, to move some things from my apartment to mom’s, pack a lot of suitcases. Started with a tutor Italian in a short time learned the basics of the language. All managed and on December 29 returned to Marco in our home.”

Three months later, on March 27, and got married. Without elaborate ceremony in the Church, just married in the commune and went to celebrate in a restaurant. “Were his parents, our friends, the witnesses, an Italian couple. I wore a dress of coral color, and Marco’s bow tie in the same tone. Instead of the Russian “Bitter!” sounded Italian “Chin!”.

Tanya’s parents were unable to attend – they moved from Novosibirsk to Moscow, and they have not opened the visa. “The first time I’ve missed his family, continues the heroine. – Saved only by the thought that to them in just three hours by plane. Besides Marco always helped and supported. He likes that I “shore home”, garden and cook. Husband fell in love with Russian cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, he not only likes soups. I mastered Italian cuisine, most of all, I love gnocchi. Of course, with pleasure would work – for example a translator. But now is not the best situation in the labour market, even by the Italians hard to get.”

Every morning Tatiana opens the shutters and sees from the window of Paradise – endless grape fields. “I have already made friends with two Russian girls, they are also married to locals. Are going to introduce and our spouses. Walk together, communicate, meet on Sundays for a Cup of cappuccino. But my friend – of course, darling.”