Ilya Yabbarov publicly apologized to the daughter

Илья Яббаров публично извинился перед дочкой Ex-member of the project wrote a letter to the native child, who had not talked for 5 years. Ilya Yabbarov addressed to Vladislav and asked for forgiveness for what few years did not participate in her upbringing.
Илья Яббаров публично извинился перед дочкой

The former participant “Houses-2” Ilya Yabbarov turned to the daughter of Vlad, which brings up his ex-wife. The father apologized to the girl because did not communicate with her. He was separated from his mother six years ago.

“I apologize for what I some years did not participate in vospitaniye child. We lived together up until her daughter turned two years”, – said the reality star.

Yabbarov decided to dedicate the little girl a letter, which was published in a magazine.

Илья Яббаров публично извинился перед дочкой“I’m not making excuses that someone was wrong, of course don’t need an excuse, because it is not. You’re a grown girl and if you read this letter, try to forgive your father. Everyone in life makes mistakes. I would condemn the Lord God, and you, if you can, I’m sorry. Your dad” – says the man.

Ilya told me that still remembers the moment when rushed to the hospital with a bouquet for his beloved wife. According to Abaroa, in the first months after the baby was born he was a caring father and was actively involved in her life.

“I was raising my daughter and swaddled, and clothed, and walked out with the baby. Vladislav loved me very much, constantly hugged and kissed. And after the divorce I just lost and is now asking his daughter for forgiveness for it” – confessed Ilya.

According to Ilya, meet Vlada possible if the girl herself wants to see him. Star telestroke said that he met her dad only 12 years old.

“As a father I will do everything possible to compensate for the lost years that had not seen the child. All this time I thought about her, just the situation was such that we did not communicate with his ex-wife,” said Yabbarov.

Ex-participant of TV project “Dom-2” was hoping to live with his wife and daughter to the end of life, but they are unable to overcome the conflicts. “Forgive me, beloved daughter. I’m sorry for everything,” concluded Ilya in circulation, published in the magazine “the House-2”.