A pregnant Beyonce was suspected of plastic surgery

Беременную Бейонсе заподозрили в пластической операции
Fans of the singer scared her swollen lips.


During one of her last appearances
the public, fans of beyoncé have noticed that the lips of the singer has increased significantly
in volume. After that, the Network broke a real scandal: Beyonce accused of
the fact that she is “pumped up” your lips with silicone, which angered her fans. “Her
you ought to think about the twins, which very soon must
to be born. And not to engage in any “nonsense” that can be harmful
affect her children!” – this is the conclusion reached by many fans of the singer.

Beyoncé struck a wave of criticism
she was even forced, through his press Secretary, to make a special statement.
“Does anyone else not know that in addition to weight gain, body pregnant
other physical changes are happening? For example, many of the pressure increases, and
also swell not only your lips or gums?” said Yvette Noel-Shure,
the official representative of the singer. Alas, this explanation has not convinced all the fans
the couple Jay Z and mother of five year old blue ivy.

Among other things, for
the time of her pregnancy, Beyonce is not the first time criticized. So,
during her performance at the Grammy awards, many condemned her shows on stage a risky stunt. Case
that chair is set on a hill, on which beyoncé, dressed in a glamorous “gold” dress and with a crown on his head, sat in
time performing his songs, suddenly began tilting back together
it! But the singer had no insurance and she could lose
your balance and fall. Luckily nothing happened, but the story could
would end quite sadly…