Популярный блогер заявил о назначении на место ведущего в «Пусть говорят» YouTube star announced that it was approved by the TV show of the First channel. According to Nikolay Sobolev, the Prime Minister of the programme with its participation will take place next week. Some users of social networks think that blogger decided to make a joke.
Популярный блогер заявил о назначении на место ведущего в «Пусть говорят»

On Thursday evening, the Internet star Nikolay Sobolev has surprised followers with an unexpected announcement. 24-year-old blogger reported that it has become the leading program “Let them talk”. According to the guy, a program with his participation will begin to show next week. Sobolev added that he could not divulge that information until the premiere.

Nikolay Sobolev: “All bloggers – hypogamy”

Moreover, Nicholas has confirmed that the rumors that circulated the Internet a couple of months ago, are true. About will the TV show Dmitry Borisov, the blogger said.

“To disclose any information to me was not a very long time. Now is the time. The sink, which appeared on the Internet over two months ago, true 100%. See for yourself, but one thing is for sure. Monday the program “Let them talk” comes out with a new flagship. Them I be! I hope for your support. I’ll see you on the “First”,” the publication of this type appeared on the page Soboleva in “Vkontakte”.

The post Nicholas provoked heated discussion among his followers. Some felt that the blogger decided to make a joke, thinking about the approaching first of April. Others have found that the Sobolev attracts attention, wanting to “roll out” a new project, the premiere of which was announced on Friday.

Oil poured into the fire, and a friend of Nicholas Guram Narmania. He stated that he has no information about the release of a TV show that will show next week. However, a number of social media users regarded the statement of Guram as a confirmation of the speculation about the filming of another prank.

“I was most amused by the fact that many people think will air “the Author is cool” for the 1st of April. Yeah… Two months ago, shot live on the first of April, to be released on March 26th. No, you guys. Spoken like a man who knows exactly the truth – it’s not about “Afftor burns,” – said Guram.

Representatives of Nikolai Sobolev prefer to refrain from comments about his intended destination in one of the most popular TV show in the country. Earlier in interview to Dmitry Maslennikov blogger commented on the work in “Let them talk”. At first, Nicholas said about what really will be the presenter of the programme, explaining the decision of the producers falling interest in the project. But then the guy said that was a joke.

Later journalists “Moscow speaking” contacted the press Secretary of the First channel Larisa Krymova. She has denied the rumors about the alleged resignation of Dmitry Borisov and replace the leading “Let them talk”.

“Despite the weather outside, these reports confirm that spring has begun. Returning to reality, we are very pleased with the success of Dmitry Borisov and the new team “Let them talk”, which brought the draft into the top 20 best programs of 2017 with a major advance predecessors, and continue to work with impressive results,” – said the press service of the First channel.

Nikolay Sobolev was born on 18 Jun 1993 in Saint-Petersburg. The young man became known on the wave of popularity of the project Rakamakafo, which he created together with my friend Guram Narmania. The wide popularity of Nicholas acquired after participating in the issue “Let them talk”, dedicated to the history of Diana Shurygina. Last year, Nicholas became a leading Internet show, “Sobolev bombs”. The project resembled the format of the program “Taxi” channel TNT. Altogether 12 issues.