Полиция сняла Любовь Успенскую с рейса из-за правонарушения The actress spoke about the incident on the way to Omsk. Lyubov Uspenskaya tried to get on the plane together with the dog. However, she was forbidden to take the animal in the cabin of the aircraft.

On the eve of Lyubov Uspenskaya was heading from Moscow to Omsk. The actress decided to take on Board the dog. However, according to airline regulations, passengers may not bring animals in the cabin without the special bags. The flight attendant demanded that the assumption put a pet in a kennel. The artist asked the employees of the aircraft to help.

“Us flight attendant blocked the road, said the dog should be put in a handbag. We had a handbag on hand, but she did not let us to open it. In the end, I asked another flight attendant, she behaved very nice for business class, she also went to the commander of the ship, said she was insulted, pushed, and after a few minutes he comes out and says that the commander refuses, so we flew in the plane. The police arrived, we got off the plane, thank God, was another plane, we disrupted the concert”, – said the assumption.

Media gave different information. Supposedly the star of the scene was removed from the flight because of a conflict with the stewardess. To clarify the situation, the correspondent contacted the representative of the airline. He confirmed that the passenger business class Lubov Uspenskaya was removed from the flight 17-62.

“When you Board an aircraft in her hands she carried a dog. At the request of the Board, the conductor to show your boarding pass and to remove the pet in the carrier, the passenger pushed the Board to the conductor and tried to go to the cabin. The aircraft commander decided to refuse the passenger in transportation. Compiled a report. Taken witness statements. The delay was approximately one hour,” – said Maxim Fetisov.

As reported ren.tv that assumption still managed to fly to Omsk on another flight. It remains to be seen if the airline is obliged to pay the star costs the airlines incurred as a result of a flight delay and additional ground services at the airport.

By the way, one artist admitted that before breaking the law. She drove a car, being in an alcohol intoxication. “I will never sit behind the wheel while intoxicated. Even if I drink one glass of wine. And when it was something that I did. Had a similar experience recently. I was arrested in America. But better – than ever. And not because he was punished, but because I realized that because of me people can get hurt,” – said Love in one of the shows.