A piece of the sea for Porthos

Кусочек моря для Портоса My meeting with the main musketeer of the country, which is still in service. Although people’s artist Valentin Smirnitsky people not the army, he is a personification of the male holiday: strength, character, charisma. Infinite scale charm.

      Кусочек моря для Портоса

      In the series “On the corner near the Patriarch-4” he conquered the audience even in the role of a criminal. In the story of the hero Smirnitsky – the thief in the law of Cherkas – killed, but the citizens failed “Ostankino” indignant letters, and the writers had to try and spice it up.

      And how many women hearts broke actor – do not count. Now the number of fans has diminished, but what was happening at the dawn of his career! For the star his role as Porthos in “d’artagnan and three Musketeers” smirnitskii refused other work and filming in Europe and not lost. His cheerful, resilient character, loyal to the word and friendship, captured millions of viewers. Today Valentin Smirnitsky is still in films, much to busy entreprise and happy fourth marriage.

      Wife Lydia Ryabtseva under him for 17 years, but the age difference feels and acknowledges, smiling, bouquet-candy period, the husband has not ended, and then tells how on their first date smirnitskii hour waited for her with a bouquet of lilies at the Belarusian station.

      “How he survived, for me, is still a mystery. The place is crowded, it is always someone approached. And when at last I came, I heard: “If another time you’re late, you’ll never see me again”. Ever since I was a very punctual man.”
      Кусочек моря для Портоса

      Two daughters, Lydia Nikolaevna Marina and Elvira met Smirnitskii already Schoolgirls, but they say that they were very happy, because I felt – mother happy with him. “You see, Andrei, what a girl modern, advanced, and – proud actor, others would say: “Why do we need a foreign guy?”

      Last wife smirnitskii grateful for the support in a scary time for him, when overdose took the life of his only son, Ivan.

      “I hid for a long time that he started using again. At some point I even thought, jumped the guy. Ivan got married, it would seem, calm down…” His guilt in the incident, Valentin Georgievich is not denied. Tells how took him to different clinics and rehabilitation centers. “But you have to keep a track of, and me and his mom are long divorced, and in despair she once again did not bother me…”
      Кусочек моря для Портоса

      To distract the artist from the sad thoughts, if he knows, who was his on-screen son, with whom they were shot once in the movie “Deniska’s stories”.

      “Frankly, I and my work there don’t remember almost half a century ago!” A the current Minister of construction and housing of Russia Mikhail Men – it was selected from two thousand children and adopted the role of the family – his only acting experience remembered for a lifetime. And his own parents were not thrilled with his participation in the filming. Mom even warned the Director that the boy’s father is an Orthodox priest and can cause problems. But he went to a special Department, and permission was granted.

      Кусочек моря для Портоса

      One of the main Hobbies of today’s Valentine Smirnitsky – house in Spain, in which he is several times a year. At the time, wanted to buy a house in the suburbs, but the overseas estate was much cheaper. “The house is small, but from the third floor a wonderful view… And the sea we have a few kilometers, although bright Sunny weather I see a piece of it.”