Brad pitt is desperate to find a new love

Брэд Питт отчаялся найти новую любовь
The actor admitted that the collapse of marriage forever broke his heart.

Brad Pitt


Although brad pitt, who finally
stop hiding from the public, at first glance, looks quite good, he
still in a very depressed condition “of the spirit.” He lost all
hope of ever again finding happiness in his personal life. So, in any case,
says one of his buddies who shared this information with
the Internet site

The last six months, life of pitt
was like the worst nightmare. He lost everything — his wife and children…
Yes, and his reputation was dealt a serious blow. And while the police have not found
confirm the charges brought against the actor which claimed that he allowed himself
to use physical force against their children, some of his fans
still have a sneaking suspicion that he wasn’t completely innocent… By
well, brad desperately misses her children. Although the last time Angelina Jolie has become a little
often allow it to see the five youngest (the elder Maddox is claimed
does not want to communicate with him), a “pause” between the dates remain the same
very long.

Friends pitt very
concerned about his mood. Despite their urgent advice to dispel the gloom,
look around and see that still the world is full of beautiful girls, pitt
he is very gloomy. Brad admitted he has no hope of ever finding a new
love, and even managed to accept my destiny.

However, recently in this
gloomy picture still appeared “ray of light”. Pitt, according to the informant
the site, managed to reestablish contact with his first wife Jennifer aniston. Speech
of course, the pure companionship. After a long hiatus, brad and
Jennifer began to exchange text messages. And wise aniston, who for a long time
forgive changed her once pitt was able to comfort his former