A photo of her husband, Maria Kozhevnikova son caused a heated discussion

Фото мужа Марии Кожевниковой с сыном вызвало бурное обсуждение
The actress faced aggression from the subscribers.

Husband of Maria Kozhevnikova son

Photo: @mkozhevnikova Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova

Maria Kozhevnikova was subjected to harassment because of the published on the eve of the picture in social networks. Harmless and touching the husband of the artist with his youngest son called subscribers inexplicable aggression.

Maria shared a photo in which her husband Eugene were sealed with a two-year Maxim on hand. “Born in one day! This link is special and love is boundless. Mom can only admire!” signed Kozhevnikova the.

But the commentators did not share the feelings of the actress. Most of them protested the fact that the little son of Mary was photographed and shown in the main Network, undressed. Subscribers did not fail to Express his dissatisfaction with the fact that Kozhevnikova has published too personal a the designed exclusively for the family archive.

Such criticism, by the way, has recently undergone and Natalia Podolskaya, Vladimir Presnyakov. In that situation, there were people who did not understand the reasons of negative attitude to “golopopyh” kids. “Only parents have the right to decide what photo to put, what for the family archive, here is my father’s ass and hand covered, and lit a real circus…” — stood up for Mary, one of the fans. Kozhevnikova chose not to engage with detractors in a verbal argument.