A new twist in the Oscar Pistorius

Новый поворот в деле Оскара Писториуса
“Legless runner” may escape punishment for murder.

Oscar Pistorius and Reva Stenkamp

Photo: Splash News/East news

In South Africa, began a new
a new trial in the case of the famous athlete runner
on the prostheses of Oscar Pistorius. If all goes as planned lawyers for Oscar, it can
to recognize innocent in the murder of 29-year-old girlfriend.

Oscar was arrested after
in February 2013, shot and killed his girlfriend, model and aspiring TV presenter Reva
Stenkamp. Reva was found dead in the bathroom
room of the house of Pistorius. The survey of the scene,
shots, ended the girl’s life, was produced through the closed door. Oscar
then said: he had no concept that shoots at his girlfriend. He seemed to feel
the house was broken into by armed robbers…

First trial on
the case of Pistorius, held in September 2013, pleaded guilty in Oscar
manslaughter and sentenced to five years in prison. Oscar
he served one year, and then, according to the state of his health, the measure of restraint changed to house arrest. However, the Prosecutor, dissatisfied with
the first court’s verdict, filed an appeal. And South American the Highest Appellate
The court, while agreeing the prosecution,
changed the sentence for “premeditated murder”.

But the matter did not end there. Lawyers
Pistorius decided to “contravallation”. They found a psychiatrist, Dr.
Saltza, who examined Oscar and came to the conclusion that the defendant is not liable for their

“He suffers from depression and
post-traumatic effect. Besides, Pistorius discovered serious
problems with memory. Not to mention,
Oscar is constantly under the influence of drugs, which forced
to take in connection with his condition…” — said in court Dr. Saltz.

However, judge Jerry Nela,
which is the current process, the arguments of the doctor has not made a special
impressions. He noted that the accused was clearly not sick enough to refuse
from a great TV interview that he gave just a few days ago. In addition
the judge asked the doctor a few simple questions, from which you can make
the conclusion that Mr nel not yet in favor of Oscar.

“Tell me, are you sure that Pistorius gives
aware that he killed a man?” —
the judge asked. The doctor said
Yes. “And did he
fully when the shot was fired, that he would kill someone?” “Yes!” said Soltz. ”
this case, I don’t understand how you can say that he did
manslaughter and cannot
to be responsible for their actions!” — concluded the judge. However, this is not the end
process. What’s the final decision in the case of Pistorius is accepted, we
find out in the near future.

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