Yana Churikova has released a collection of shoes

Яна Чурикова выпустила коллекцию обуви
TV presenter launches the project in support of the Fund “life Line”.

Яна Чурикова выпустила коллекцию обуви

Yana Churikova, the presentation of the new collection of footwear

Photo: PR office mtv

Yana Churikova together with the channel MTV and popular British brand offering an exclusive collection of shoes
“Yana Churikova & MTV for BETSY” fall-winter 2016-2017. Part
of the proceeds from the sale of the shoes will be sent to charity
Fund “life Line” that provides assistance for seriously ill children.

Яна Чурикова выпустила коллекцию обуви

Victoria Dayneko

“Like any
creative person I always want to experiment and try your
hand at new projects. This year we wanted
to create something bright, cool and at the same time useful, says Churikova. — Part
money from sales of the collection will be transferred to the Foundation, so every fashionable young
the girl can not only update your wardrobe, but also to do a good deed!”


Model collections are of unusual combinations
materials and textures, geometric forms and eye-catching accessories. All
this together creates an indescribable sense of dynamism and energy,
embodied in the design.

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