Новый скандал в семье Жанны Фриске!
The singer’s father, intending to plead with the Investigative Committee now appealed to the Prosecutor General.

Новый скандал в семье Жанны Фриске!

Zhanna Friske

The family of Jeanne Friske, since the shocking death of
which has been a year, alas, still do not cease passion. This time again
of a legal nature. It became known that the father of the singer Vladimir Kopylov asked
to the Prosecutor General with a request to investigate the activities of the charity
organization “Rusfond”: its representatives shortly before the death of a star
was collecting funds for the treatment of the actress. Shortly after the tragedy, relatives of Jeanne
is concerned, how legitimate and respectable has passed this process.
A few months family Friske you were looking for, where did the millions of dollars that
they have missed after the departure of Jeanne’s life. Now Vladimir Borisovich
intends to attract “Rusfond” responsible, demanding to provide him with
reports on the movement of funds that were collected for treatment of the daughter.

The family lawyer Friske said that the reason for seeking
law enforcement was the failure of the organization to provide documents on
transfers of funds to accounts of Joan and contracts of assistance. He also
he added that the relatives of the singer still the questions remain — how much
for her treatment were collected really.

We will remind, earlier “the case of the missing millions
Zhanna Friske” engaged in Investigative Committee of Russia. Two months ago, “Rusfond”
made a statement about the theft of these funds, after which the singer’s father said,
he intends to sue the organization.

Vladimir Kopylov
said that previously it has not been accessed for the report spent
means. Now he is going on Monday to go to the “Rusfond” and intends
discuss with your attorney the question about filing a retaliatory lawsuit.

“I never in
this Fund was not there in person and did not know. I don’t know why they
in saying that we are kidnappers? How can you accuse people without trial and
investigation? I am willing to provide in court all the documents,” – said in an interview with Vladimir

husband Janna Friske Dmitry Shepelev financial scandal in the family

Father Zhanna Friske Vladimir Borisovich

Photo: “7 Days”

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