Halle berry fell in love with the gray-haired photographer

Холли Берри влюбилась в седовласого фотографа
Actress and cliff watts did not try to hide from the paparazzi.

Холли Берри влюбилась в седовласого фотографа

Halle berry and cliff watts

The other day one
new York restaurants was amazed when beauty, animasiya with
unknown white man, 49-year-old Halle berry. Quickly appeared the paparazzi managed
to make images that were published in the online edition of Dailymail.co.uk.

How did the scout reporters
companion of actress was the world-renowned fashion photographer cliff
Watts. His clients include models, actors and Actresses, including Angelina Jolie, Jude law and other celebrities.

During a romantic
dinner, the couple did not think to hide your feelings. Both gently holding hands,
Watts has his arm around the actress’s shoulders. And when dinner ended, carefully helped her down
with steep stairs to the restaurant.

It was
not for the first meeting of Holly and cliff. Last week he posted in his Instagram a photo in which the actress gently pressed against him
cheek. Watts signed the picture: “Holly, my love! Thank you for the wonderful

Holly can now
afford to build relations without regard to the paparazzi, because she absolutely
free. Last October, berry has separated from her husband Olivier
Martinez after nearly two years of marriage. And now is concentrating on work and
education of children: two year-old son Olivier MATEO and eight-year-old daughter Nala from a former PAL of the actress,
Gabriel Aubrey.

Halle berry and cliff watts

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