Мэрил Стрип поклялась никогда не делать «подтяжек» лица
Congratulations on your favorite actress with the 67th birthday!

Meryl Streep

Photo: Splash News/East news

viewers all over the world actress Meryl Streep, which is called living
legend, today celebrates his 67th birthday. This date does not
upset Meryl, the winner of three Oscars, eight Golden Globes and many other awards. She managed not
only make an incredible career, starring in nearly eight dozen films and TV series, but also to build
happy family. As repeatedly said Meryl, for her more than anything else, not prizes, and other achievements, and three beloved children and devoted husband.

unlike many contemporaries, was able to accept his age. How to claim
psychologists, it is because it looks so beautiful that not trying to seem younger than it is. Because it is not in the wrinkles. In Meryl the years
not off her “inner light”. Besides, if I accept and love myself
the way I am, that’s what makes you beautiful in the eyes of others.

That’s what she thinks Meryl on
about the age and tricks of cosmetic surgery:

“When I turned 60, I
to be honest, didn’t feel anything at all. Others said it like this
the difficult moment. And then I
thought: it’s just another day
birth, which came after 59-m …”

“You have no idea
how many people in the industry use the services of plastic surgeons.
Moreover, not only women but also men! I don’t want to go that route. Need
just accept the fact that you get older! But to take desperate
attempt to seem younger is still
as if you were trying to hide his face behind a veil. This definitely not nothing

“Life is beautiful really. When
had a chance to lose someone close to you, you start to appreciate every day, every
a moment as a gift… My children told me once that when you’re
to my age, they will probably be terribly boring. I was just ready to kill them
for these words. Because the truth is, the older I get, the more
enjoy life, its gifts…”

“When I was younger, terribly
worried about their appearance. I’m worried due to the fact that it is not enough
beautiful, I have a figure like Jessica Lange and legs are not like any
model. Besides, I hated my nose… it’s All in the past.
Now I feel some release. I realized that worry about everything
this is an empty and meaningless waste of time.”

“To me, from the standpoint of my age, sincerely
pity the young women who are so concerned about your weight, trying to be all
more and more thin. They spend on these torments so much effort and time when
could do something good. They have not yet realized that everything that distinguishes us from others is our individuality, this
is our strength!”

“I thought that by
forty my career will be over. But everything turned out just the opposite. The older
I get the more interesting roles I get. I was asked recently: what if I start
to offer the role is already not somebody’s mothers and grandmothers?
And I wondered: “what’s wrong with the grandparents? If it’s a good role,
of course, I would be delighted!”

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