Участник легендарной группы застрелился на глазах у жены Butch trucks, founding member and drummer of iconic rock band The Allman Brothers Band, has committed suicide. The man died at the Villa in Florida. Spouse of Melinda Trucks can not come to himself after experiences. A woman depressed by the death of her husband.

      Участник легендарной группы застрелился на глазах у жены

      Western media report the death of a 69-year-old musician Butch Trucks. Co-founder and drummer of the cult band the Allman Brothers Band took his own life, it happened on January 24. The tragedy happened in the home of Trucks, located in the heart of West palm beach.

      According to journalists, in the region of 18 hours in the police received a call from the wife of rocker Melinda. The woman was shocked and was in hysterics. The choice of the musician could not believe that he is no more. Upset Melinda told the dispatcher that her husband committed suicide in front of her. From the words of the lady rocker was that he pulled the trigger and shot himself in the head.

      When law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, Melinda continued to speak with the Manager. She was in such despair that could not be left alone. Correspondents transmit that women who have experienced a bereavement, had broken it: she said fragmentary sentences.

      Despite the fact that the man continued to breathe after being shot in the head, to save him failed. He died a few seconds after the police arrived. Journalists report that a pair of grown children – a son and a daughter – were also in the apartment when tragedy struck.

      On Wednesday, the coroner performed an autopsy, the results will be known in a week. Police refused to comment on the incident. Law enforcement officers were limited to an official statement which confirmed the death of Butch Trucks. Despite the fact that the suicide rocker no doubt, the result still validates the incident.

      Rumor has it that the reason for the tragic death of a famous drummer, which Rolling Stone included in the top ten drummers in the history of rock music, have problems with finances. In 2011, a man sold a house in palm beach to repay the mortgage. Later, the tax has insisted on increasing its fees in 2013 and 2014, the Trucks had to give the state Treasury the amount of 540 thousand dollars.

      Friends and fans expressed condolences to his family.

      “Terribly sad to hear that Butch trucks died. This man is a legend, and his family consists of talented and very kind people”, – shared the singer and guitarist Jason Isbell.