Evgeny Rudnev took his beloved to the Registrar

Евгений Руднев отвел возлюбленную в загс Former member of “House-2” preparing for the wedding. Evgeny Rudnev made a proposal of marriage to his beloved Helen in Thailand. After her divorce from Liberi Kadono man was lucky enough to find a new love, in contrast to the ex-wife.

      Евгений Руднев отвел возлюбленную в загс

      Former participant reality show “House-2” Eugene Rudnev after divorce with Liberi Kadono found happiness in his personal life. Less than a year after the breakup, how the man met a new love. Novel Elena and Eugene have developed quite rapidly, and now the lovers are preparing to go down the aisle to officially consummate their feelings. Apparently, the pair had six months to realize that they were made for each other. Today Rudnev shared the happy news that soon in their honor will play Mendelssohn’s March.

      “The best day,” wrote former participant of “House-2” in the microblog.
      Евгений Руднев отвел возлюбленную в загс

      Fans rushed to congratulate Eugene and Elena with this decision. The followers were happy for a beautiful couple and wished them a happy family life. “Jack, I congratulate you both. You are great”, “Congratulations! Happy for you, wonderful couple,” “Jack, I congratulations, and may this day be the best in your life and the birth of a child, too. Be happy with Lena”, “Congratulations. Be happy,” wrote the loyal fans of the man.

      Evgeny Rudnev decided not to hide from subscribers, he made a proposal of marriage to his beloved. Together they went to a romantic trip to Thailand where I spent a memorable vacation. It was there that a former member of “House-2” explained the girl in love and presented an engagement ring. Elena was happy and said Eugene’s consent, and on his return to Moscow, they went to the registry office.

      “Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes. I didn’t even think that many words will be written. The island on the top of the mountain I decided to make an offer. Smiles, tears, but most importantly happy,” said the man to his fans.
      Евгений Руднев отвел возлюбленную в загс

      Eugene is happy that his Elena brought the case. The girl went to the gym to classes to Rudnev. She knew that her mentor – former member of “House-2”, but considered him an unbearable character. Only after a close acquaintance she realized how on-screen character is real. “I had different girls, and in it I found exactly what I was looking for, – said Eugene. She’s a bit older than me, independent, understanding, feminine, charming. We immediately began to live together. Lena knows that I was a member of “House-2”. It turns out that when I was under the cameras, she had experienced a difficult relationship with a young man. Each time quarrels Lena said: “the worst you can be only Rudnev!” Now, after talking with me, she knows I’m a completely different person,” – said Rudnev.