«Возмужавшая» Настасья Самбурская пошла по стопам Джастина Бибера The actress surprised fans by radical change in appearance. New image of Nastasia decidedly different from that to which accustomed her fans. Samburski not only cut your hair, but also dyed. Recently, the artist is no longer a brunette.

      Nastasya Samburski surprised fans with a new image. The actress went to the barbershop for a radical change in hair color. Now Samburski no longer striking brunette. More recently, Nastasia blonde. It should be noted that the transformation of the artist had a hand famous hairdresser, stylist and presenter Vladislav Lisovets. Samburski decided to trust the professional who is renowned for an excellent reputation among the stars.

      To change the star reacted, as always, with humor. Samburski did a fun post on Instagram in which he compared himself with the popular singer Justin Bieber.

      “There is still something to do a cut and color, I will not rest! Welcome! The New Justin Bieber. In the long pull the veil my friend Vlad Lisovets, and painted Sasha gapeeva. Very interested in your opinion. Waiting for reviews tips pictures and I’m not coping, well, I can do without comments”, – said the actress in one of his social networks.

      Despite the fact that Samburski asked followers to Express their opinions about her new look, after some time she decided to close the comments for publication. Therefore, social network users have discussed the transformation in his salon that she visited. Part of fans nastasi found that her change of image. “Normal risk”, “It’s incredible”, “Cool”, “You’re always good”, “Bomb”, a “Bold experiment,” they discussed. At the same time, other fans of the actress criticized her hairstyle. “Dark was better”, “I prefer long hair,” they wrote.

      It should be noted that Nastasya Samburski is constantly experimenting with her image. After the artist left the “Univer”, she said goodbye to long tresses and did her hair like a boy’s. “The head now breathes” – described the new haircut actress. After some time, Nastasia decided to lighten my hair, but the color of the “Abkhazian dried apricots”, as described by the celebrity, she didn’t like. Therefore, Samburski has once again become a brunette.

      By the way, not so long ago the star of “Univer” revealed the reasons behind his departure from the popular series. Nastassja thanked all the crew of the TV show and frankly told about how he felt leaving the project. Nastasya Samburski spoke harshly about the care of “Uni”