A friend of Michael Jackson explained why the singer changed her skin color: “He was sick”

Подруга Майкла Джексона объяснила, почему певец сменил цвет кожи: «Он был болен» The singer, who became a legend during his lifetime, did not a little more than nine years ago, but the passion for it and do not subside until now. Recently, a friend of Michael Jackson, Sharon carpenter said that was the reason for the change of skin color of the singer.
Подруга Майкла Джексона объяснила, почему певец сменил цвет кожи: «Он был болен»

Despite the fame, the fortune, the love of millions of fans around the world the life of a pop idol Michael Jackson was a real challenge for him. The singer often had to hear accusations that he deliberately changed the color of the skin because he is ashamed of his origin. Documentary filmmaker Sharon carpenter, who created the film, the memory about a celebrity “King forever. Tribute to Michael Jackson,” he said, referring to what causes his appearance has undergone some drastic changes.

As it turned out, it’s not plastic surgery and treatments are not whitening the skin. The fact that Jackson suffered from a disease called vitiligo, which changes the pigmentation of the skin. Such version was put forward previously. However, many did not want to believe in it, carpenter, in turn, confirmed the existence of the disease in the king of pop.

“Michael was trying to tell the world that he had the disease vitiligo. That is why he has bleached skin because he had a spot. After opening his body after death the diagnosis was confirmed”, — told Sharon to the public.
Подруга Майкла Джексона объяснила, почему певец сменил цвет кожи: «Он был болен»

By the way, recently, fans of star clan shocked one more tragic news: died, Michael’s father Joe Jackson. The man died at the age of 89 from cancer. The last days the head of the family of Jackson spent alone.

In life, Michael is also trying to communicate with a close relative, because he was too cruel with your children. Later Joe was justified, thus, preparing heirs to adulthood. “I was strict, because it prepared children to survive in the cruel world of show business”, — the man was sure of his rightness.

Late father Michael Jackson had broken his son’s psyche

Moreover, Joe teased Michael because of his large nose, perhaps this was the reason that the singer wanted to change her looks. Subsequently, Jackson repeatedly operated on this part of the face, which led to sad consequences: the artist literally left without a nose and had some time to go to the dressing. That is why many believed that Jackson wants to make itself European.

Carpenter also said in an interview with the Daily Star that she was very sorry to see after the death of the pop king’s confirmation of the fact that Michael really was sick of vitiligo, and when he lives many people do not want to believe.