Экс-солистка «Тату» рассказала о ревности мужа For the past five years, the singer is happily married to musician Sasho the Palacio. The couple has a teenage son. The newly Lena Katina admitted why the spouse did not hurry her jealous admirers.
Экс-солистка «Тату» рассказала о ревности мужа

Tatu enjoyed global popularity in the early noughties, eventually the band Broke up. The soloist of the scandalous Duo went separate ways, and now practically do not communicate. For some time Lena Katina has lived and worked in Los Angeles, but despite a steady life abroad, decided to return with the husband home, where she had practically nothing to start a career as a solo singer. Katina was able to overcome the difficulties in the work, and not to lose spiritual intimacy with your spouse.

She now boldly declares that she and her husband, a kindred soul, the happiness of which, it seems, nothing is amiss. The singer admitted in an interview that her beloved husband is not jealous at all, because it is well aware of the difficulties arising from popular artists.

“Family life is very complicated. We’ve been living together for five years, and all is well. Unfortunately my husband is not jealous. Because an actor too and knows what it is,” admitted Katya.
Экс-солистка «Тату» рассказала о ревности мужа

At this time, the spouse of the singer works in the capital and singing teacher. Lena is working on a solo repertoire: writes songs in Russian language. Relatively recently, Katina admitted that they loved in the near future intend to have a second child, and now I want to live for yourself.

Today, the artist remembers with gratitude the time of participation in the group “Tatu” and believes that this experience helped her build a solo career.

“The group “Tatu” of course I remember. We rattled the whole world. I’m proud of what we had. And very thankful for the invaluable experience that I purchased that helped me to make a solo career,” admitted Lena.

At this time, the musical Duo concert reminded her of things, some of which is kept at home, and part singer chose to give to one of the orphanages. Lena admitted to “Source” that is not going to once again reunite with a colleague on “Tatu” Yulia Volokovaya. Four years ago the singer was trying to sing along, but quickly abandoned the idea. Now the hits of once popular girl Duo they prefer to do separately.

The ex-soloist of “Tatu” Lena Katina is preparing for the birth of the second child