A former protege of Alla Pugacheva was released from prison

Бывшая протеже Аллы Пугачевой вышла из тюрьмы Singer Elizabeth Tisler wants to get back into the Divas. Recently she sent several texts in the production center of Alla Pugacheva. The girl was convicted of fraud, which she had to abandon the career of the artist.
Бывшая протеже Аллы Пугачевой вышла из тюрьмы

Elizabeth Tisler for several years trying to break into the musical Olympus. She actively recorded the songs, shot music videos, and once in her work, even drew the attention of Alla Pugacheva. Diva appreciated the vocal talent of a young artist, but their relationship was over.

Soon Elizabeth and all went to jail. The girl was accused of fraud. For several months she did that corresponded with rich foreigners and made them financial protection.

Recently, Tisler was released and immediately tried to get back into the music business. The girl was sent to Alla Borisovne a few new songs of his own composition. About it it is told in the program “You wouldn’t believe.”

“I sent to a production center Pugacheva lyrics. I plan to work as a composer. I’m even willing to give Alla Borisovna the song of my repertoire, which she liked,” – said Elizabeth.
Бывшая протеже Аллы Пугачевой вышла из тюрьмы

The girl does not deny that imprisonment behind it is difficult to find a good job. She temporarily gave up the dream of becoming a famous singer and has devoted himself to photography. Also, Tisler paints. Recently held an exhibition which presented the work of protégé Pugacheva.

Yet the girl do not receive a response from the production center of the prima Donna, but she hopes for fruitful cooperation with the star. Now she is concerned about paying huge debts, which amount to about nine million rubles. That’s how much she should give to foreigners deceived by the court.

“The proceedings in my case have been going on for two years. I hope for the favor of the court, because such a large amount I just don’t know,” said of Tisler.

According to the artist, it is already enough Zaplata for past mistakes. Elizabeth is well aware that due to problems with the law, she lost the opportunity to become a star. However, the girl is not upset, and continues to occasionally perform acoustic shows. Few fans of Tisler sure that she will have the opportunity to occupy a niche in show business.