In the family of Yana Troyanova was a new tragedy

В семье Яны Трояновой случилась новая трагедия The star of the series “Olga” trouble. Seven years ago, Yana Troyanova has lost a son who was only 20 years old. However, this loss is not over – not so long ago she was overtaken by misfortune.
В семье Яны Трояновой случилась новая трагедия

Last week, the actress posted to Instagram a photo of a young man and signed it, “happy birthday, son. Today you would be 27. But you made a different choice. I have prayer. Fly. I’m sorry.” The star of the show Olga Yana Troyanova lost son

Nicholas Shirinkin, who Troyanova gave birth in first marriage, took his own life seven years ago. “StarHit” I learned that Yan suffered a new problem: fell from the window of uncle Kolya – a 32-year-old Vladimir Shirinkin. Friends of the family believe that the male half of this kind like jinxed. Death takes away one after another.

Constantine Shirinkin, the first spouse Troyanova, died in 2004 from ulcers, which opened as a result of his addiction to alcohol. The actress herself shared in an interview that ex-husband was regularly applied to the bottle and beat her. After the birth of her son in 1990 Shirinkin broke Jan’s nose, and she left him. Paternal genes it soon became evident to Nicholas, who fell in with bad company, and in 2010, hanged himself. Life, the younger brother of the ex-wife he had Joanna brother-in-law – broke this spring.

“Vova lived in Yekaterinburg on the street Hammers together with her mother – said the “StarHit” buddy of the late Alexander Semenov. – The accident happened in may. He went out of the window of the tenth floor and died. The last time, he hardly ever talked.”

Vladimir Shirinkin long suffered from addictions. “Several times he was in prison – the money from the house brought, – told “StarHit” a family friend of Victoria. – Recently released after a year of his release, and again took up the old: drugs, alcohol”.

The successful cousin was trying to help Vladimir. “Yana persuades him to treatment – shared sister stars Helen Troyanova. But he won’t do it – says it’s fine. Yana still have hope that Volodya will agree.”

According to friends, Vladimir never worked, lived on the money his mother-pensioner and drinking.

“Death Shiryai – so we Vova called to each other – not publicized – said “StarHit” friend of Vladimir Olga. I learned from our mutual friend. Yes there is, and Rodney left. One Ioannina mother-in-law”.